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Shiatsu Treatment in Kingston for Natural Healing

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Shiatsu is a Japanese technique that uses “Shiatsu points” to enhance your body’s natural healing ability and prevent the progression of disease. Shiatsupractors use their thumbs, fingers, and palms to press on these points to affect your body’s various systems and treat various issues.

M Madeleine Townsend R.Ac., R. Hom. is an experienced practitioner of Shiatsu treatment in Kingston, offering patients an alternative therapy technique for treating pain and illness.

Some of the major Shiatsu points on the body include the Integumentary, Muscular, Nervous, Circulatory, Skeletal, Endocrine, and Digestive systems. These reflex areas should not be confused with the Chinese meridians used in acupuncture, though they are based in common principles.

How Does It Work?

The essence of Shiatsu is to combine diagnosis and therapy. The thumbs, fingers, and palms of a trained Shiatsupractor are sensitive enough to detect irregularities in the skin, muscle, or temperature.When the practitioner applies pressure to various areas of the body’s surface using the fingers and thumb, it heals the existing ailments and conditions and also corrects imbalances in the body. The Shiatsu method is known to apply pressure at certain pressure points in such a way that it boosts energy flow and corrects disharmonies in the body.

This is a stress-relieving method and helps in treating pain and illness and enables the patient to relax as much as possible. Shiatsu also stimulates the autonomic nervous system along with circulatory, lymphatic and hormonal systems. This helps in relieving poor posture, joint problems, back pain and sprains.

Benefits of Shiatsu

Though it looks like a fairly simple procedure, Shiatsu has a lot of benefits for your body. 

· Shiatsu treatment improves overall health by affecting the internal energy system. 

· This can help in easing muscle stiffness, digestive problems, nervous system ailments, migraines and other chronic pain.

· Removes body tension which can help you be free from stress and anxiety. 

· Reduces stress and improves sleep habits. If you are looking for effective Shiatsu treatment in Kingston, or acupuncture, reach out to M.Madeleine Townsend.

Contact us today to learn more about this therapy technique or to book a treatment. 

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