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Have you had enough of pills, pain, prevarication? Homeopathy, acupuncture and shiatsu can assist your body in healing itself while enhancing your well-being. M.M. Townsend R.Ac., R.Hom., & Homeopath has over 30 years of study and clinical experience in providing treatment for all sorts of medical conditions, ranging from localized pain to internal medicine. As a registered acupuncturist and homeopathic practitioner, she seeks to find effective and long-term solutions to a host of problems in general medicine. She has helped patients of all ages from the unborn child to the century-old. Visit our acupuncturist in Kingston for quality treatment and get relief from pain and chronic illness.

We are dedicated to being thorough not only when you come in for your initial consultation. But also in the following visits, continuing to building up a picture of your medical history and particulars of your current complaint. Then we recommend the best course of action suited to your needs.

Reasons to Choose Natural Medicine


Unlike other conventional medication methods, natural medicine offers effective treatment through natural means. These methods provide treatment considering the body as a whole and not just the affected part. We try to identify the cause of illness or discomfort instead of focusing on just treating the illness. We provide treatment through herbal medicine, diet, lifestyle, acupuncture, hygiene and relaxation.


Many people aren’t aware of all that these forms of medicine can do. Alternative medicines such as homeopathy, acupuncture, and Shiatsu use natural methods to promote your healing process. These traditional healing techniques have been used for hundreds of years, and thousands of years in the case of acupuncture.


This system of medicine uses highly-diluted substances given most often in granule form that aim to support the body’s natural system of healing while correcting imbalances in internal medicine. A homeopathic remedy is chosen as most similar to the complete symptom picture and dynamic of the patient.


Fast-growing in popularity in North America, acupuncture is not about needles but about suitable use of the pathways in internal medicine, that relate to your various ailments. As such, an acupuncture treatment considers the relatedness of functions in internal medicine. It is a key component of Chinese medicine.


The Japanese technique of Shiatsu is a form of manual medicine that works with the musculo-skeletal structure as well as the energetic pathways belonging to internal medicine. These pathways Shiatsu has in common with acupuncture. 

Contact us today to book your initial consultation with our acupuncturist in Kingston. We serve patients across  Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec and Northern New York.

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Contact us today to book your initial consultation  with our acupuncturist in Kingston. We serve clients across  Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec and Northern New York.

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Support your body’s natural healing response with homeopathic remedies.


Using extremely fine needles, acupuncture is an effective treatment for all kinds of internal disorders.


Shiatsu combines manual techniques with energy systems to enhance your body’s healing power.

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